GITA 1/Computer Science 1

Hi. My Name is Marc Thai and this is my webpage for Computer Science 1/ GITA 1.
I am learning C sharp this year. It is a coding language to develop Window's Apps. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio right now. You can download it here.

Goodbye Project

Date: 9/12/17

This program says "Goodbye" in multiple languages.

Help Page

Date: 9/18/17

This program uses the logo, trademark, and statement to advertise a work page.

Mailing Label

Date: 9/25/17

This program takes the information filled out by the person and displays it.

BMI Project

Date: 10/4/17

This program calculates a person's BMI.

Car Rental

Date: 10/10/17

This program takes the address, mileage, amount of days the car was rented,
and the type of car rented. This calculates the total price the customer has to pay.

Test Score

Date: 10/16/17

This program displays the letter grade based on the percentage,
and averages out the 2 test scores.

Dice Program

Date: 10/19/17

This program simulates the 2 dice being rolled and calculates probability
of each one rolling.

Craps Game


This program takes 2 random values, and determines if you win or not based
off the game Craps.

Slot Machine Project

Date: 11/3/17

This takes 3 random values and determines if you win the money or not.

T-Shirt Program

Date: 12/4/17

This takes the customers order and the quantity of T-Shirts, and then calculates the price.

Fish Program

Date: 12/19/17

This simulates a fish swimming and keeps track of how many times it bumps left and right.

Fish Program 2D

Date: 2/2/18

This is exactly like the fish porgram, but there is an enemy that can eat you now.

Tic-Tac-Toe Program

Date: 2/14/18

This is a program that allows you to play Tic-Tac-Toe with another human player.

AI Chase Program

Date: 3/7/18

This is a program where you are the good guy and a bad guy is tracking you.
You both have health, and you win the game once you kill the bad guy with a bullet.

StarField Program

Date: 3/8/18

This is an upgrade from the Starfield lecture. Stars can mvoe diagonally now.

AI Chase 2

Date: 3/20/18

This is an upgrade from the AI chase. Now there are 5 enemies chasing you.
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